Building Control System



Cook Mechanical provides HVAC controls expertise with systems such as Honeywell, Johnson Controls and Siemens. We specialize in new system design, end to end troubleshooting, automated energy management (demand limiting, optimum start and reporting) to lower power consumption costs as well as programming and controller replacement. 

BUILDING MANAGEMENT (Graphics, schedules, trends, alarms & calendars)

Cook Mechanical offers a web-based building management software that integrates Building Automation, Energy Management and Facilities Management tools to control, measure, manage and report on building data in real time. 

ENERGY MANAGEMENT (Energy metering, dashboards & automated reporting)

Cook Mechanical offers dashboards, automated reporting and energy alarming to reduce energy, costs and improve overall building performance. Connect your building’s power, water and gas meters together with building automation, lighting, weather and forecast data via a secure network 

FACILITY MANAGEMENT (Automated billing & public displays)

Cook Mechanical can assist in integrating multiple busilding Users can easily manage tenants with automated after hours A/C and utility billing reports. Engage building occupants with scrolling displays and mobile app notifications.